When Barbara and I purchased the Adam Orris House in August of
2005, our plan was to live in the main house, continue to rent the
existing two apartments on the second and third floors, and to one
day restore the carriage house as a two bedroom rental building.  
Barbara would continue her consulting work, and while she travelled
the world I would start the landscape business that I’d always
dreamed about.

But first, during that winter, I would oversee decorating – new paint,
wallpaper, etc. – and assess the condition of the carriage house.  
Within weeks I was completely absorbed in gutting the carriage
house.  Under years of linoleum, shag carpet and drop ceilings we
discovered vaulted ceilings, pine plank floors and foot-thick brick
walls.  While I worked in the carriage house, a very talented crew of
paper hangers and painters set the stage in the main house. By
Christmas, the Adam Orris House was ready for rugs and furniture.  
And people.  These were buildings that needed to be shared.  
Landscaping was going to have to wait.  

And so, ten months later, the Orris House Inn opened for business.
Once you make a decision, the universe
conspires to make it happen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are grateful for the support of our community, including the Borough of Mechanicsburg, the Chamber of Commerce,
Downtown Mechanicsburg Partnership, Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau and the
Cumberland Valley Bed & Breakfast

Many thanks to everyone who has worked with us at the Inn, maintaining the property and gardens, housekeeping, and
working to make events perfect for our guests.  We could never have done it without you.

Most of all, it has been our pleasure to serve each and every guest and we thank you for choosing the Inn for your vacations,
college and car show visits, business trips and as a venue for weddings, birthdays, retirements and reunions.

Last year Barbara and I took our first vacation in nine years, and we realized that perhaps it was time to let go of the
seven-day-a-week schedule and spend more time together and with family.  And so, we have decided to close the Orris House
Inn and wind back the clock to 2005.  We are finally going to move into the main house, rent apartments on the second and
third floors, and the carriage house has been rented as a two bedroom home.  Barbara continues her consulting work, and
while she travels the world perhaps I will . . . .
Landscape? No, travel!

Thank you one and all,
Kevin C. Jackson
Innkeeper (retired)
Great Decisions
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Once you make a
decision, the universe conspires to make it
happen.”  When we decided to open the Inn, we
were not certain of the viability of a small inn in a
small town. We were delighted to find that there
was indeed a universe conspiring to make the Orris
House Inn successful.